26 June 2009

Frequency Cannon - Rise Above Music Video 2009

   Check out Frequency Cannon's Music video for 
   Rise  Above. Make sure you watch it in High Quality
   so it doesn't look too crappy. Rawk on.

   Finally, we're in the studios again recording new  
   material. We hope this video will keep you guys
   entertained until you hear the new stuff from us.

Till then..
Rawk A BYE

24 June 2009

Drum's Recording

Dino's drum recording for Frequency Cannon's new single 'Hope'

Studio : JD's Studio TTDI

Date : 24 June 2009

Time : 10:30-11.30

Kuachee & Keng also went there to give their moral support! thanks ya! You too Azrul, tho you were not around, I know you were there spiritually hehe

For more pixs visit FC Facebook

14 June 2009

After Jamming New Single

   Here's some shots we took today. Started jamming
   our new single. Recording for drums starts – 24th
   June 2009.
   We're finally getting our act together after
   a long hiatus. Also, you can see Kuachee is very
   very fine.
   His nasal operation didn't leave him looking
   like Michael Jackson. Also, we attached a closeup
   of our new guitarist. Keng! Rawk on.............

05 June 2009

Kuachee Is Krazy Sexy Cool Winner for May 2009

Hey guys,

Apparently Kuachee's the May winner for VOIZE.my

Check it out here

Kuachee - SEXY gila..

We hope he gets stalkers now. Stalk on!

02 June 2009

Poor Kuachee

Kuachee went for a nasal operation (1st June) and

recovering now..

He send his regards to all of you...

He will be discharge tomorrow...



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