31 October 2009

Birthday ETC

Well, we just celebrated Azrul a.k.a. FunkCat birthday a few days back. Now it’s Dino’s turn. Happy Birthday to dinodrumz. May you have a rawking time this year.


The band will be meeting up tonite for pot luck and we’ll be posting pics from there.


Take care and see you guys soon.

23 October 2009

Updates! Updates!

Hey all,

How’s everyone doing? Sorry we’ve been quiet for the past couple of weeks. Been busy with so many things.


Anyway, Updates. Azrul Funkcat’s birthday is just around the corner.. Anyone knows what we should get him?


We suggested getting him a couple of Playstation 3 games, but it looks as though he has them all. Let us know your thoughts.


Rawk on!


05 October 2009

Malaysian Breakout Showcase

Here’s some pics taken from the gig the other day at the Malaysian Breakout Showcase.


Kuachee played guitar for the 1st time live.


He sucked..


So Enjoy…LOL*


Rawk on

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