15 August 2009


So far we completed 2 new songs. The 1st is called “HOPE'” and the other one is called “TWINKLE”.


Rudy from Popshuvit/Rudy’s Lightroom was kind enough to help us with the packaging for our Electronic Publishing Kit. We’ll be using this to promote the band to clients etc. Not for the general public.


Expect to hear more from us in the coming months. We’re getting the hang of songwriting again.


moto_0245 moto_0243

11 August 2009



Hey guys, Sorry for the delayed in posting. We’ve been tied up.  Anyway, We’ve completed the recording for our song  ‘HOPE’. 


Dino recorded his drum parts for the other new song last night. Kuachee recorded his vocals and is fine tuning some stuff.


It will all be done, by end of this week. God willing.


This is FYI: Kuachee Likes to play Fashion Wars on Facebook. Can you believe that? He actually bought himself an LV bag for his sorority sisters.


Dino on the other hand is more towards the violent side. He’s a mafia on Mafia wars. So if you wanna know fashion, hit Kuachee. if you wanna cause chaos etc, do get in touch with Dino.


Till then. Rawk on and enjoy life…….

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