23 May 2010

SCREAM in PEACE tour - postphoned

Just a quick note, FC would like to apologized to all their fans for postponing the SCREAM IN PEACE nationwide tour that was supposed to have kick off in May 2010. As the previous post mentioned, FC has some things to settle from their end before they can resume their live shows. We will update more on that when time permits us. For now, just enjoy the album in the confort of your own home. =P

Kidding.. We shall be back real soon .. Watch this space. Rawk on!

Story so far

Hi all, sorry for the long silence. The boys are in a dilemma as the nationwide tour SCREAM in PEACE was planned in May – July 2010. However, due to reasons we’re not allowed to mention in detail. The boys have decided to pull out from the tour for now and push it to a later date sometime this year. They have decided to leave  the dates hanging for now until they have sorted out on their priorities. If things go well, we should see more updates in the coming months.


In the meantime, the FC boys have decided to hit the studios and work on new materials. Watch this space for updates. Please be patient while we sort out our priorities.


Here’s the boys messing around with some new ideas in the studio.  Cheers


band3 band1 band2 .

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