01 March 2009

Jacket Hunting

Mission : To find a cool jacket for Kua Chee (for a video clips purpose hehe)

Lead by : Dino - The Fashion Consultant :P

Location : One Utama

Summary : Managed to find 3 jackets from undisclosed shop ;)

Fashion Consultant on his way to the mall..

The Hunters


Obviously Kuachee tak happy wearing this jacket

But the fashion consultant loves it!


funkcat said...

aku nak satu jugak..

Eudora said...

Wow, Dino has become a fashion consultant lah pulak...Heehe!

Can't wait to meet up with u guys nxt month! ;)

MICHELLE said...

were u two wearing the same jacket??
but it looked nicer on Dino (sorry kuach!)

Azril Dino said...

Michelle it was the same jacket... I got mine later only. kUACHEE bought some really nice ones..

The tight fitting kind that shows his biceps & one pack. lol*
He wants to attract a certain kind of crowd. =)

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