05 May 2009

New Pixs

   Hey guys!

   New pictures uploaded..

   We are hoping to get the video of Rise Above up by  
   the end of May..

   Stay tuned...

*Credits to the photographer, Azlan Rudy Malik


Eudora said...

awesome shots Rudy!

Kuach, u look skinnier here. Still cute as usual lah. ;p
Dino, mat cOol.
Danish's papa, macho giler.
And Keng looking good but why sO serious one? Heehe ;p

p/s : would love the last picture to be printed out as my bedroom wall poster. hee :D

Anonymous said...

nice photos guyz lookin good :)

Azril Dino said...

Thanks.. Will be posting more stuff soon. getting the final video the end of this week. So here's hoping

LindaLTHRSt said...

yeah! kuachee looks like he lost alot of weight! Looking good looking good

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