18 November 2009

Submission for vima 2010


Hey all, it’s been a while. We all decided to take a couple of weeks off because we’re stuck in the studio recording new materials.


You know how it is, sometimes we get writers block, sometimes we jam crappy stuff. Well, that’s life. But it’s all fun.


Yeah yeah, we know. Well, we needed to take a break from the studio as Kua Chee and Dino had some personal issues to settle despite the long hours in the studio.


Anyway, here’s some updates. Voize Independent Music Awards (VIMA) is back for 2010 and they are open for submissions. Frequency Cannon has submitted the entry for Best Music Video for “Rise Above” and also their new single “Twinkle”.

We’ll see if that qualifies for the nominations.


In the mean time, we’re thinking of revamping our FC logo. So check back here often because there’s going to be a contest soon. we need your help to make this happen.


Till then. Here’s some pics from our shows the other day. Cya guys at the rock show.


 FunkCAT bAss Dinodrumz 0001 CrowdFC FCcrowd001


kukuchiao said...

good luck guys...woohoo

Eudora said...

All the best guys in whatever u guys need to settle! I hope 'Rise Above' will be in the VIMA too ! *fingers crossed*

And u guys thinking of revamping the FC logo? Okay, I'm definitely in! :)
*starts thinking of ideas* Heehe..damn semangat already. ;p

Take care

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